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Add Value to Your Chair Rental Package.

Beauty Salon Social is an added benefit for beauty salon and barber shop owners to add to their chair rental package.

Each stylist renting from you receives a website that includes:

  • An appointment-scheduling calendar for clients.
  • Information about where they are located.
  • Contact forms for new clients.
  • Photos of their work.

Stylists also receive:

  • 52 social media post templates.
  • Automated weekly posts to their own social accounts.
  • Access to a social media scheduler.
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Beauty Salon Websites

Barber Shop Websites

Use Simple Forms to Book Clients Easily.

Websites that are part of the Beauty Salon Social network are powered by X(US) Hosting, a digital marketing a website design firm in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our services help salon and barber shop owners uphold a professional image by including a web page and digital footprint in their chair rental packages.

Stylists can choose from six pre-built designs, which Beauty Salon Social will then customize to each of their unique needs.

Stylists can customize:

  • Logo, branding, and colors on their website.
  • Services offered through their online booking calendar.
  • Information in their About Me section.
  • Contact information in their Footer section.
  • Photos from their portfolio of clients.
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    Beauty Salon Social Clients

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    barber shop social benefits and added value

    How does Beauty Salon Social benefit the shop owner?

    Adding Beauty Salon Social to your chair rental package adds value to renting a chair at your salon!

    Beauty salon and barber shop owners treat Beauty Salon Social as an added benefit – like a 401k package – that stylists receive when they sign on.

    Shop owners also receive:

    • Publicity for their shop location – an address is required for each stylist’s website.
    • Backlinks to the shop owner’s website – all stylist sites lead to the main salon site.
    • A minimum of five social posts will explicitly name the salon owner’s shop as the stylist’s location.

      Beauty Salon Social Posts

      Do your stylists need help creating social media posts for a consistent online presence? Beauty Salon Social will create and schedule one post a week for a full year.

      beauty salon social social post examples
      beauty salon social social media post examples
      beauty salon social posts for instagram for stylists

      Barber Shop Social Posts

      Are your barber’s social media channels in need of some consistency? Barber Shop Social will create and schedule one post a week for a full year.

      barber shop social social media posts for barbers
      barber shop social posts for barber shop
      barber shop social social media help for barbers

      Want to learn more about how Beauty Shop Social can grow your salon?

      Adding Beauty Salon Social to your chair rental package adds an additional benefit for your barbers and stylists!

      Contact our team today to see how you can improve your salon’s visibility and help build your stylist’s client list.

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