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how to get more clients at your salon

To get more clients at your salon, you'll need to have a stellar digital presence and easy scheduling and payment options.

What’s the most effective way to get more clients at your salon? Have a FANTASTIC salon, of course!

And don’t forget social media. And Google Analytics. And your website. And customer service. And…

Feeling overwhelmed yet? We get it.

So how can you use digital marketing in manageable ways to improve your presence online and get more clients away from their computers and in your chair?


Build a Consistent Social Media Presence

This is a given, but who has the time??

Promoting your salon on social media is all about consistency. Posting at least a few times a week is recommended, but daily is even better if you’re able.

If you’re looking for hair salon social media ideas, Pinterest is always a winner, and so is Canva when you’re ready to create your social posts.

To make it less time-consuming, use a scheduling tool like Later to auto-publish your posts. The best social media strategy for hair salon owners typically revolves around sharing before and after photos, hair tips, and promoting products! Lean into that algorithm and share what the people want to see!

If you have a specialty (braids, blondes, whatever you do best!) make sure your social accounts share this. That’s your bread and butter. You can use this method to attract new clients to your salon, or at least gain a few more followers.


Use a Simple Appointment Booking System

Depending on how your invoicing, financials, and website are set up, it’s pretty easy to find something that works for your salon.

There are tons of salon booking app options available! Using intuitive appointment booking software is critical when it comes to keeping your clients and appointments organized.

Clients expect to be able to schedule beauty salon appointments online, pay online, and get automated reminders for appointments to their email or phone. Your salon booking system should have a simple interface for clients and be easily manageable by your staff.

Even better if you can track your salon appointments and clients from your phone!


Have a Professionally-Developed Website

A professionally-designed website is crucial in the beauty industry. You can certainly get by with a DIY site for a while when you’re getting started, but if you’re in the growth phase of your business, it’s time to reach out to an expert.

A DIY salon website is similar to box dye. It’ll do the job, but without a professional touch, you’ll spend a lot more time managing it and a professional will end up spending a lot more time fixing what’s already been done than what it would’ve taken to start with a professional in the first place.

If you’re at the point where you’re ready for a professionally-developed beauty salon website, start a Pinterest board of ideas to share with your developer! This will help them get an idea of your brand style, likes, and dislikes!


Update your Google My Business Listing

When potential clients are looking for nearby salons, you want to be one of the first results. Use your Google My Business listing to keep your salon hours updated, gather reviews, and link to your website and social media accounts!

 Google is a super powerful tool and using it to your advantage will only help in scaling your beauty business. 



Marketing your salon online doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming! By using scheduling tools, keeping your scheduling simple, outsourcing your website development, and using Google as a tool, you’ll build clientele at your salon in no time.

This post was published on August 31, 2022

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